Our Inspiration

The inspiration behind the design of our Nguni butterfly chair…
We really wanted to see Nguni hide in living rooms but did not really like the ottomans and other occasional chairs that were available on the market. We wanted something typically South African (the Nguni skin) but with a more modern twist – which could not be found. So we decided to design our own chair to meet these specifications and the end result was our unique butterfly chair.

Why our Nguni butterfly chair is an essential in a home…
A butterfly chair in your home is a decor item on its own. It gives a more sophisticated touch to your interior.
While being modern, the butterfly chair is also timeless. It has regained popularity in recent years with the return of mid-century style to interior decor and architecture.

These testimonials convey the appeal of our butterfly chairs…
I LOVE my butterfly chair because its decorative, pleasing to the eye, strong and stain proof: I have 2 young children who like messing around…. a bit of water on a wet cloth and the little accidents are gone.

This chair is wonderfully versatile and doesn’t have to fit in with one interior style only. The butterfly chair is perfectly at home in Scandinavian, rustic, bohemian or more classic interiors.

My favourite pastime in my butterfly chair is reading or sitting with friends enjoying an aperitif.


History of Butterfly Chairs

The original design of the butterfly chair was created in 1938 by 3 architects working in Buenos Aires with the world renowned architect studio Le Corbusier: Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan & Jorge Ferrari Hordoy. Hence it became known as the BKF chair.

The original chair has an unfoldable frame just like ours. Of course if you want an original one made by the designers of the chairs it is going to cost you 100 times our price judging from the one that can be seen in the MoMa in New York, which was produced by Knoll in the 1940’s.